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Cyber Incident Response

Business Continuity for Businesses

Industry leading Business Continuity, Disaster Recover & Backup, ensuring protection from incidents is minimal.

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Business Continuity in IT from Cyberspace IT refers to the strategies, processes, and technologies implemented by Cyberspace IT, a fictional company or service provider, to ensure that their IT systems and services remain operational and available in the event of disruptions or disasters.

Rapid Response

A rapid and professional response is critical to ensuring your organisation can recover and restore its services with minimal disruption to business operations.

Security Breach Prevention

A lot of companies, especially those who haven’t experienced a major security breach, are unsure where to begin or what to prioritise when it comes to incident response. It is more important than ever to be prepared and respond quickly and appropriately, whatever your industry or size of organisation. Our Incident Response Service is designed to swiftly detect, manage and mitigate potential or already occurring cyber attacks and breaches.

Cyber Experts

Our team of cyber experts are skilled in developing robust defence strategies to control risk and cost, offering you peace of mind that your business is as protected as possible.

Rapid response to threats & attacks

Organisations are facing an increased threat of cyber attacks every day, and the quality of response often spells the difference between failure and success. A cyber incident response plan is imperative to ensure your business is fully prepared to effectively respond to and manage an attack on your business.

Four in ten UK businesses were hit by a cyber-attack or security breach in 2021.

Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

The impact of a cyber-attack on your business can be wide-ranging and extremely damaging.

Our Partners, Delivering Exceptional IT Infrastructure

Data Center Scalabilities

Going with Cyberspace IT, gives you access to our Reading and Manchester data center. Delivering speed strengths of steel.

Professional Advice

Our Team of professionals, will walk you through the process of using Cloud, and support with training.

Commercial Connectivity

We assess your business setup, ensure it is ready for Cloud, and if not we will offer you some our partner commercial services Free as introductory.

So this is how Cyberspace IT

can help you and

your Business needs.

The latest technologies & expertise

Our team of security experts have the experience and knowledge to conduct a thorough investigation into any size breach or attack. Utilising the latest technology and advanced techniques to identify an incident, our team offer clear and concise advice and remedial action as quickly as possible. We can then identify the source and type of attack, as well as identifying which systems, data and users have been compromised.

Comprehensive planning & incident reporting

Whatever the threat, we’ll review your current security to improve your procedures and strengthen your defence. If you’ve already suffered an attack, we’ll conduct a comprehensive review and recommend the most appropriate remedial actions.

Build a compliant security policy

Having an incident response plan in place will support ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance. We’ll work with you, as well as any other key stakeholders in your organisation, to develop your response strategy in line with the appropriate regulations. We will help you understand your position of readiness to deal with cyber security incidents and develop the procedures to minimise risk.

Business Continuity

When hackers successfully attack a corporate network, it is often due to basic defences not being maintained adequately. However, cyber attacks are growing in sophistication and hackers are constantly developing new techniques. This is why having a strong multi-layered defence is important to avoid the risks posed by cyber crime, and also an effective response plan to tackle any incidents head-on.

Why choose cyber security incident management?

Cyber security attacks have now become inevitable, but the subsequent actions and speed of response are critical to how well your business recovers. Incidents vary in terms of persistence, impact and sophistication – but cyber criminals only need to identify one area of weakness to infiltrate your systems.

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the risks of modern cyber threats.

70% of organisations don’t have a cyber incident response plan or system in place and are unprepared to respond to a cyber attack.

PwC Global Economic Crime and Fraud survey 2018

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