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Design, Build

Website Designing, Creation & Animation

Website Creation, & Design

99.9 Uptime

Redundancy, & Fail-safe scaling with our Dedicated servers preventing website or hosting failure.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers with 18pods across the England & Wales, covering South to the North

Malware Protection

Malware protection delivered and accelerated by Cyberspace using Sentinel One intelligence.

Routine Backups

Backups scheduled 4 times daily, protecting you and your website assets, with rapid restoration.

SSL Certificate

Complimentary SSL Certificate on us, protecting you and your data for your website.

HTTPS3 Protocol

Practice next-gen HTTP protocol for your website, ready for Google’s new algorithms.

WordPress Panel

Full-Admin access to WordPress Panel, no cPanel or middleware applications managing.

Microsoft 365

We partner with Microsoft, meaning we can support your email and office licensing requirements.

What We Offer

Dedicated Hosting Services from Award Winning Cyberspace IT

  • Website Hosting in our Dedicated Servers
  • Website Backup Solutions through our partner Cyberspace-Engine
  • Domain Management through our partner Nominet
  • Cloud and Security Managed Solutions in Cloudflare
  • SIP Hosting Services
  • Cloud Voice Solutions
  • Storage and Cloud Solutions

What is Hosting?

There is a lot of hype around the word “Cloud”, and it doesn’t really mean anything more than “hosted.” It’s generally used to describe hosted applications or software.

“Co-location” is generally used to cover hosted hardware or virtual computers, but also hosted web sites that are running on them. You can often find these services under “Data Centre” as well.

“Hybrid” is a combination of traditional onsite infrastructure with some hosting, the idea is you get the best of both worlds.


Why Use Hosted Services with Cyberspace IT

Risks of failure are minimised, and availability maximised:

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring means issues are handled as they develop
  • There’s no single point of failure since connectivity, power and cooling seamlessly fail-over to standby systems, with SLAs offering up to 100% availability
  • Offsite backups give you real business continuity options
  • Access to hosted services is usually uncapped, meaning that customers and other users enjoy a better experience when accessing your hosted web site, for example


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