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The first scalable framework

allowing for dVPNs to utilize shared resources

It is the goal of the Sentinel ecosystem to decentralize the VPN industry and introduce the ‘dVPN’ to the mainstream consumer. However, this goal will not be achieved through the launching and maintaining of a single consumer facing application (the Sentinel dVPN), but by first establishing and then developing upon a framework that can be used to create a network of independently operated decentralized VPNs.

The Global Bandwidth Market

Sentinel allows anyone across the globe to ‘mine with their excess bandwidth’, effectively monetizing residential or commercial bandwidth by providing it to a network of distributed and decentralized dVPN applications built on the Sentinel framework.

Sentinel suberizes the bandwidth market by allowing a single permissionless platform to become the global center for bandwidth exchange on which entrepreneurs can easily construct and maintain an autonomous decentralized VPN ecosystem that is using shared resources contrary to their centralized counterparts which exist in siloed infrastructures.

Sentinel is complimentary for centralized VPNs, Sentinel intends to create a global bandwidth marketplace that can be utilized by centralized VPN organizations, we will become the protocol the facilitates the exchange between bandwidth providers and VPNs.

Whitelabel Hosting

Easy to Launch

Anyone can easily launch their own dVPN application in the Sentinel ecosystem by either building ontop of Sentinel’s open-sourced framework, or by working alongside efficient implementation partners such as Exidio.

No Server Side Liabilities

Operators of dVPN applications built on Sentinel do not have to manage any of the exit nodes or relay nodes present in the network and instead use the bandwidth provided by Sentinel’s decentralized and distributed global community lowering costs.

Monetize Your Existing Community or Online Business

Influencers, e-gaming teams, and other types of organizations that foster their own forward-thinking communities can easily set up and launch their own custom-branded dVPN application on the Sentinel framework. Idiosyncratic branding to specific communities facilitated by Sentinel dVPN’s dynamic UI capabilities helps to proliferate the critical ethos of provably decentralized privacy solutions while allowing for ecosystem leaders to generate revenue from dVPN subscriptions.

Only Open-Source VPN/DVPN White-Label Provider

Contrary to other centralized white-label providers, Sentinel actually reveals the back-end functionality of the dVPN architecture, providing the assurance that there is no data being centrally logged.

Economies of Scale

We envision a world where every VPN application will be built on a decentralized framework such as Sentinel’s which makes use of a global bandwidth sharing network. The VPN industry is one of the fastest growing industry globally as people all over the world become more aware of the growing risks to their digital privacy.

The VPN industry is projected to grow to $120 Billion by 2027, and Sentinel is uniquely positioned to disrupt the global VPN market by offerring a framework to easily construct cost-effective secure and robust dVPN applications, which can make use of an extremely competitive bandwidth marketplace driven by a decentralized network of bandwidth miners.

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Blockchain Based Architecture

Censorship resistance is at the core of our architecture, sentinel nodes communicate directly with our cosmos based blockchain, in a permissionless way, nobody can stop you from accessing our infrastructure and monitor or censor your payments.

The Sentinel dVPN framework provides an incredible degree of resiliency and security when compared to any consumer-grade VPN. Sentinels architecture minimizes the number of intermediary servers and dependencies.Apart from the account management and creation system also, the process of finding available vpn servers happens on-chain.

The blockchain on which the applications are hosted will be operational 24/7, the up-time and user experience of these applications will far exceed our centralized competitions. our protocol will operate with no disruption thanks to our global validator community’s which ensures decentralization and high quality of service. As the blockchain which the application is hosted on will beoperational 24/7, with no disruption, as the validator community’s infrastructure is globally decentralized, the up-time and user experience of such an application will far exceed the centralized competitions offerings

Private Nets

Secure encrypted enterprise communication layer.

The Cosmos ecosystem is an interoperable network of blockchains connected together by Cosmos’s interblockchain communication protocol, the ‘IBC’. The Sentinel ecosystem is amongst the first networks to build on Cosmos since early 2018.

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Cosmos Ecosystem

Secured with ATOM Interoperable governance marketplaces social networks games

The Cosmos ecosystem is an interoperable network of blockchains connected together by Cosmos’s interblockchain communication protocol, the ‘IBC’. The Sentinel ecosystem is amongst the first networks to build on Cosmos since early 2018.

Why is Sentinel built on the Cosmos-SDK?

Cosmos SDK is a state-of-the-art blockchain framework that powers the Cosmos Hub and its rapidly expanding orbit of sovereign chains.

Developers can use the SDK to build innovative applications that create value through exchange with the Cosmos Hub.

Lower carbon footprint.
Blockchain tech that truly scales.


Cosmos allows for an infinite degree of horizontal scaling resulting in negligible transaction fees. More zones can be established under the Sentinel hub to provide higher throughput in proportion to an increase in dVPN applications built on Sentinel. Learn Learn


Cosmos establishes an energy-efficient dPOS driven enviornment by using the Tendermint pBFT consensus, driven by validators which utilize existing data center resource instead of expensive and impactful ASIC miners


The Cosmos IBC allows for dVPN applications built on Sentinel to accept payment in various stablecoins and other digital currencies, effectively increasing the potential target market and consumer reach of these dVPN applications.


Network governance on Sentinel is in the hands of the decentralized validator group which is self-governing and can execute efficient chain upgrade processes which cannot be compromised by third party actors.

Project Roadmap

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