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Team Glo, IT has secured a working partnership with The Log Cabin Charity, 259 Northfields Avenue, London, W5 4UA to deliver the Business Support and Growth Roadmap within the Borough of Ealing.

Lee Strachan, President will be working closely with Sharon Flynn the Head of Services to drive cloud solutions into the organisation as a kickstart to the partnership.

A Little History

Log Cabin Charity was established in Ealing, London 40 Years ago in the heart of the Suburbs, a place close to Lee Strachan, President, heart. Mr Strachan attended to the service in his childhood in the 1990s which delivers after school services to primary and high school within the borough.

Where many members of the team at the Charity have moved on since then, standing members such as Sharon Flynn, and Dennis Johnson still support the running of the service 30 years on and remember the growing up of Mr Strachan to what has come today.

Our President commented: “It is a pleasure to be working with a service which drove so much in to my life growing up, and my enjoyable childhood, to be now working closely with the same team in 2024 is a special gift for all of us” 

The Vision

It has never been clearer, the Log Cabin Charity has been striving to go cloud and move from a traditional and dated on-premises solution, and to bring their 40 years of service in to 2024 technologies.

Glo, IT saw this would not have been an easy task, delivering a mass-migration of 40years of data from a dated and tired storage server running on 2008R2 Operating System alongside mail services for the team.

Once awarded the contract, we got our knees and hands dirty and got straight in to deliver the vision for Log Cabin Charity and to get them in to the cloud which led to great success within Week 1 moving 16TB of storage pool and mail flow to Microsoft 365. As being a Non-Profit organisation, they were entitled to support from us and our business partners Microsoft on issuing a Grant to give 10 Free Microsoft 365 Business Premium licences and up to 300 Microsoft 365 Business Basic licences.

The Future

There are exciting changes coming to the Log Cabin Charity in further opening up doors to the benefits of Cloud Services, the below will be fulfilled in 2024 Summer.

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